DJ MARIONETTE | Official Website

Dj_Marionette-PressFoto01-miniThe elegant smiling gentleman from Bohemia, a lover of good food and electronic music. His show warm the hearts of each dancer, as well as fast beat dance shoes every dancer.

He collaborates with saxophonist PospaSax (New Street Band), trumpetist Eydamn (band Vec Makropulos, Fast Food Orchestra), accordeonist Antonio (Circus Problem) and others talented musicians.

Marionette is looking for the funky sound so do not expect any boring and monotonous tracks. His sets are all about electroswing, tech-house and funky techno music.


Jamie Berry (UK), Boogie Belgique (BELGIUM), Grant Lazlo (FRANCE), Vassili Gemini (FRANCE), Troy Savoy (AUSTRIA), Sacha Dieu (UK), Justin Fidele (GERMANY), Mista Trick (UK), The Gentlemen Callers (USA), Kiss Me Yesterday (AUSTRIA), GANEZ The Terrible (FRANCE), David Bowles (FRANCE), Tomas Haverlik (SLOVAKIA), Toky (SLOVAKIA), Zenobe & Gaston (BELGIUM), Dj Pozor (HUNGARY), Mike Parker’s Trio Theory (USA), Mydy Rabycad, Dj Mackie Messer, Voila!, Mikkim, Universal Swing Brothers, Jerry, Josef Sedlon, Trava, Loutka and many others projects and djs…


Lotto Mons Expo (Mons, BELGIUM), KC Dunaj (Bratislava, SLOVAKIA), Extreme Park (Zilina, SLOVAKIA), Yucatan (Engelberg, SWITZERLAND), Cross Club, Storm Club, Jatka78, Nova scena Narodniho divadla (Prague), SONO centrum (Brno), Club La Fabrique, Naplavka, Nox (Hradec Kralove), L-Klub, Zluty pes, Cubana Bar Hany (Pardubice), KD peklo (Plzen), Kryt (Ceske Budejovice), Fabric (Ostrava) and many more…


MAJALES 2015 – UK stage (Prague), UNITED ISLANDS 2014 – Zephyr (Prague), MCR Freestyle fest Troja 2014 (Prague), Just Life 2015 (Hradec Kralove), SUMMER OF LOVE 2009 (Festival Park Hradec Kralove), TUNNING PARTY 2013 & 2004 (Festival Park Hradec Kralove) and many more…